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The definitive authority in gold buying and selling for over 25 years, Gold Centre is a one-stop shop for all your gold buying, selling, melting and refining needs. With an assurance of great service, instant returns, cutting-edge expertise and transparent assessment standards, you can be assured of receiving quality solutions for all your precious metal needs. Not just that, since we have our very own on-site refinery, the need for middlemen in transactions is eliminated.

When it comes to offering cost-effective and customized solutions to clients, Gold Centre has it down to an art. Our products are specially designed keeping in mind the client’s needs and we work closely with them to ensure that our services and products are top-notch. From retail investors, and large jewelry firms to connector manufacturers and major research organizations, our customers have relied on our expertise and dependability for all their precious metal needs.

Founded in 1977, Bangalore Refinery Pvt. Ltd is an industry forerunner in the precious metal industry. From manufacturing and supplying a wide range of gold and silver coins and bars to being engaged in precious metal refining and recovery, the company’s excellence and high standards of quality has given it an enviable position in the industry. Being a supplier and manufacturer of gold and silver jewelry and watches, the products manufactured by the company are acknowledged by industry experts for their great design sensibility and impeccable quality.

Manufacturing precious metal chemicals and making investments in bullion and metal are some of its other activities. When it comes to standards in customer satisfaction, Bangalore Refinery Pvt. Ltd has set new benchmarks in the sector. With its flawless management, operations and broad distribution networks, the firm has become a national authority in the industry. On the cutting edge of new technology, Bangalore Refinery’s strength lies in its people-focused approach and continued investments in environment-friendly manufacturing facilities.

To fund an important event or expense, gold is considered an asset that is closest to cash. It’s a well-known fact that selling or liquidating gold makes far better financial sense than pledging it because of the high interest rates. However, the numerous options when it comes to selling gold can be incredibly confusing, especially when the options are not always straightforward.

Gold Centre fulfills all your gold buying and selling needs with processes that are clear, transparent and above board. Moreover, when compared to the other options available, our professionalism and assessment standards will ensure that you get the best possible prices for your gold.

  • Gold Centre has its very own on-site refinery ensuring that middlemen don’t enter the process at all unlike dealers who need to pay a smelter a percentage of the value.
  • Banks typically do not buy back gold from individuals despite selling bullions and coins to customers.
  • Though jewelry stores do buy back old gold in return for new pieces of jewelry, they will not pay for the making charges and wastage charges of the jewelry. So you end up getting only a portion and not the market value of the gold.
  • Pawnbrokers tend to not follow standards in setting prices for gold that they buy and often undervalue gold.