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Gold Has a New Address


Walk in to our office on Residency Road and experience the entire process right in front of you.
We will melt your gold in our in-house induction furnace and check for purity in our
state-of-the-art KARATMETER machine. We are your one-stop-shop for all your gold needs.

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We’ve been in the gold and silver business for 40 years now. We bring to you our latest endeavour: Gold Centre, a one-stop solution where you can buy, sell and melt your gold/silver, and get instant returns on it. What’s more, the centre is located in the heart of the city, on Residency Road, which can be easily reached from anywhere in Bangalore.



For over two thousand years’ gold’s natural qualities have made it man’s universal medium of exchange. The desire of buying, selling or melting gold is not for the gold, it is for the means of freedom and benefit. Renowned as a product that is attractive, expensive, portable and beautiful- gold bars, gold coins or gold jewellery is a favourite purchase among plenty.

Reigning in the gold buying and selling business for over 25 years, Gold Centre @ Bangalore is a one-stop shop for all your gold buying, selling, exchanging, melting and refining needs. With an assurance of prodigious service, prompt returns, front-line expertise and transparent assessment standards, engaging in business with Gold Centre is a solid investment that produces quality solutions. We at Gold Centre also have the added benefit of having our very own on-site refinery.

Gold had developed for many centuries on the free market as the best form of cash. It works as the commodity that provides the most stable and desirable monetary medium. When it comes to funding an important event or expense, investing in gold is considered an asset that is closest to cash. Selling or liquidating gold makes far better financial sense than pledging it due to the high-interest rates. However, the abundant options when it comes to selling your gold can be extremely confusing, especially when the options available are not always straightforward.

Hence, we at Gold Centre pride ourselves in offering cost-effective and customised solutions to our clients. The client’s buying or selling needs are kept in mind and we work closely with them to ensure that our services and products are up to the mark. From retail investors, and large jewellery firms to connector manufacturers and major research organisations, our customers have happily relied on our expertise and dependability for all their precious metal needs.

Gold Centre fulfils all your gold buying and selling needs with methods that are clear, transparent and reliable. Furthermore, when compared to the other options available, our professionalism and assessment standards will ensure that you get the best possible prices for your gold.


If you’re looking for a different kind of precious metal refiner—one with fast service, cutting-edge expertise, and an honest reputation—you’ve come to the right place. Walk in to our office on Residency Road to see the process for yourself.


“I have been to other places to exchange my gold for cash and most of them are “hole-the-wall” shops where I didn’t feel comfortable exchanging my gold jewelry for cash.

But when I walked into the office of Gold Centre on Residency Road, it was extremely inviting. A well appointed waiting lounge and hospitable staff makes you feel comfortable right away. I was happy to see the stringent processes in place where everything is done in front of your eyes. I was surprised when I was invited to see them melt my gold through a full viewable glass partition from viewing bay.

A completely hassle-free experience.”

Romi Chugh